MTB Fairytale

A long, long time ago in a faraway land, there lived a little mountain bike named Wheelie, who dreamed of becoming a big mountain bike that would compete in international competitions.

Every day, Wheelie would beg and beg his parents to let him enter a competition, but Papa Bike would always say, “No Wheelie, you’re just too young!”

Whereas, Wheelie would forever reply, “But I can race, father!”

One fateful day, Wheelie was riding around the tool shed, where he met a magical spanner, named Moose, who said, “Wheelie, I know of your ambitions…I foresee you having a great career in the MTB circuit, but you must overcome some grave and unmentionable obstacles!”

To Wheelie’s shock, he replied, “Wow! A talking spanner!”

Moose told Wheelie that he would give him any wish, as long as Wheelie didn’t tell anyone about Moose touching Wheelie’s seat. Wheelie agreed and said, “I wish that I could be entered into a big mountain bike race.”

Moose pulled out a mobile phone and told Wheelie that his wish was granted, he was just going to send Wheelie’s details to the event organisers via sms.

Sadly, Wheelie’s dream didn’t come true because there were network failures as usual.


Ricky in Spandex

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