Mountain Bike Adrenaline

This weekend, I decided to head off to Look and Listen to buy myself a decent CD cabinet *now when I say decent, I mean it must hold 200 CDs plus and have a door*

Upon arriving at the store and seeing the price for a tower that holds just 100 CDs, I decided that my CDs can stay exactly where they are for a few more years. Nonetheless, I was determined to buy something so I went next door to Toyzone to find a PS2 game.

If you remember a while ago I played Downhill Domination and was pretty stoked with it, so I thought maybe I should buy that game. Well, when I arrived I found that they didn’t stock that game anymore, but the store clerk told me about Mountain Bike Adrenaline, which is a similar game. Immediately, I shelled out a few clams for its purchase and headed back to my cave to torture my thumbs for the rest of the weekend.

The game features 6 riders, 4 different terrains, and a variety of licensed bikes from companies such as Cannondale. Along the way you’ll have to complete some insane challenges and perform spinning tricks with your bike on route to the finish line. Another awesome feature is definitely the wheelie challenge, where you’ll have to pop up on one wheel and steer your rider through some zigzag sections *it sounds easier than it looks, I must’ve bailed a hundred times*

While it isn’t on the same level as Downhill Domination, it certainly is a fun game for all MTB and PS2 enthusiasts. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and can’t wait to play it again. Goodbye social life, I’ll see you in a month!

Have you played Mountain Bike Adrenaline? What did you think? Do you think we need more MTB video games?

Marky Mark

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