So last night, Hubby tells me he’s got some good news for me.

I say: What? Is your mother leaving the country?

Hubby: No (long pause). I’ve decided to join you in the great off-roads!

Me: Ah snookums, that’s great news. We can go look at bikes together this weekend.

Hubby: Its okay honey. Rob is gonna sell me his Yamaha Blaster.

Me: Hmmm…That doesn’t sound like any mountain bike I know.

Hubby: It isn’t. It’s a quad.

This was when I officially realised I had married an idiot. A few curse words later, I figured out what his “brilliant plan” was. We’d both hit the track and Hubby would ride ahead of me and check out the track on his high-speed cruiser and then if there were any problems, he’d wait and warn me – how noble and valiant of him!

But it’s alright, the little miser hasn’t realised how expense the riding gear is going to be. I can’t wait to see the look on his face when he sees the price of a helmet!

Yamaha Blaster: R20 000
Riding Helmet: R2 000
Look on Hubby’s face when he gets the credit card bill: Priceless :)

On a side note, congratulations to the democrats and Barack Obama. Let this be a lesson to all African countries – America can have 130 million voters and announce the results the same day, that’s impressive!

I’m going to go now and find the digital camera for this weekend. Yes, yes, I am evil :)

Wendy The Mom

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