Minnaar is the man again

I’m going to come out and just say it – I’m a Greg Minnaar groupie! This man is incredible on two wheels. The sheer talent and resiliency he possesses is beyond belief.

At the fifth round of the Nissan UCI World Cup Downhill, held in Maribor, Slovenia, Minnaar injured his ankle during the qualifiers, yet still managed to claim 3rd place.

At 100%, I pray for a podium finish – imagine if I had an injured ankle?!

What made this victory even sweeter was that Minnaar claimed the leader jersey from teammate Steve Peat, therefore putting him on 914 points in the overall standings.

I’ve said it before; I think Minnaar is really superhuman. This guy just defies the odds countless times and performs with a vigour which should inspire young cyclists. If you’re looking for pointers on becoming a better MTBer, just watch the master, Minnaar, at work.

Credit must also be given to Fabien Barel and Sam Hill, who finished first and second respectively. Well done, gentlemen!

Ricky in Spandex

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