McCarthy Land Rover Cradle to Cave MTB Challenge

The McCarthy Land Rover Cradle to Cave MTB Challenge happens this Sunday, 23 November at the Maple Ridge Equestrian Farm, Kromdraai from 07:30.

If you’ve never had any inspiration to peddle a little bit faster, this will be your chance, because this is the only race in Gauteng that runs alongside the world-famous Lion and Rhino Reserve. So I think its best you go a little faster, unless you want a rhino’s horn up your toosh!

"man who tease rhino, have sore ass afterward"

Chinese proverb: "man who tease rhino have sore ass afterwards"

This challenge is an exciting event for cyclists of all skill levels and is a full-on MTB terrain in the gorgeous serenity of Africa. Why do I suddenly hear that stupid Toto song in my head now?

There are 2 distances you can choose to compete in – 32km or 50km. I’ll obviously be doing the 50km race – I need a challenge this weekend. Regardless, I think both distances will be interesting and exhilarating for all riders.

Hey Arnold, just in case you’re reading this – don’t go patting Simba the lion. He’s only friendly to winners :)

"Bandaged Jack is the TRUE king!"

"Bandaged Jack is the TRUE king!"

So get yourself down to the McCarthy Land Rover Cradle to Cave MTB Challenge this weekend!

Bandaged Jack

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