Lost, but not like the one on MNET

My husband is an idiot – unless he’s reading this, in which case I adore you my giant snookums. So we didn’t end up going to Jonkershoek, instead we ended up at his friend’s holiday home, in the middle of God knows where. I was slightly agitated that my weekly cycling routine would be interrupted by this sudden change of plans.

Hubby said, “Don’t worry Wends, Johan says there’s lots of trails nearby.”

I said, “Okay, but does anyone know the route?”

Hubby stuttered, “Er…I’m sure I have a road map somewhere for you.”

Oh fantastic, a map. I’m sure for his precious mother he’d walk a couple of metres behind her just to make sure she arrived safely. But for me, he’d actually organise a road map for a mountain bike trail – Husband of the Year, right here. Nevertheless, I wasn’t about to let my lousy husband stop me from my riding expeditions.

The weekend was in one word, a disaster. The couch potatoes just sat there the whole time drinking beer and watching rugby, while I gloomily read, dare I say it, a Mills and Boon novel (Ugh!). Sunday morning finally came and I’d had enough. I decided to sneak out the cottage and catch an early morning ride.

Heading off on the trail, all I wanted to do was just get away from the DSTV sports bundle. Thinking back now, I should’ve pulled a Hansel and Gretel and left a trail of crumbs or nail polish along the way.

The actual trail was lovely and pleasant – some nice downhill action, minimal rocks and no holes – just the way I like it. But after an hour or two, I suddenly started to lose my bearings – I didn’t know where I was.

I was lost.

Stupid me was in such a hurry to leave in the morning that I had forgotten to take my cellphone with me, therefore leaving me stranded. Fan – bloody – tastic!

Now you would think that after an hour or two of not being home, the boys would actually come looking for me, but no…I found out later that they had enjoyed watching the reruns of the Currie Cup games of the previous day instead!!!

Five lonely hours later, I managed to find my way back to the house. Hungry, angry and exhausted was what I felt when I finally reached the doorway, and hubby said, “Oh dear, there you are. Won’t you be a sweetheart and make us a sandwich?”

Needless to say, we were on our way home within the next twenty minutes. Hubby felt so bad for what had happened to me that he went to the shop the next day and bought me one of these snazzy things:

GPS is actually very useful for mountain bikers and I recommend it to everyone, unless you want to end up stranded like I did. The newest ones let you load over 500 trail maps and are just as simple to use as the Garmin for the cars. Get it, it’s more useful for directions than men.

Wendy The Mom

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One thought on “Lost, but not like the one on MNET

  1. I hope it’s not like my stupid Garmin, which has got me lost on more than
    one occasion. I hate it when that voice says “recalculating”. I still trust mapbooks more…

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