It’s so unfair…

Wah! Boohoo! Sob! Narf!

I can’t believe I missed the Mazda MTN 50 Miler on Sunday! I couldn’t organise any leave with H-E-L-L (I spelt it out so the idiots at work won’t be able to figure it out) to get down there and now I’m depressed :(

In the race result, hometown boy Brandon Stewart won the event in Hilton, KZN after his teammate Max Knox let him win the race so that both riders would have a National Series win for the year.

I mean WTF? Is this like F1, when Rubens Barrichello let Michael Schumacher overtake him to win? Come on guys, it’s a RACE! The point of a race is to win! Hello!

Alright I am sour…I’m a freaking lemon today! I just wish that I could’ve competed. Not so much for the race, but for the party afterwards. I’m tired of working. I need a holiday ASAP. This year is just dragging and dragging – oh look what the boss dragged in? MORE WORK!!!

Please, somebody, anybody, save me!

Marky Mark

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