Interview with Paris Hilton

Yes, you have read that heading correctly. We managed to secure a rare interview with the duchess of stupid, Paris Hilton*

Wendy: Hi Paris, thanks for joining us and discussing MTB today.
Paris: I know…isn’t like MTB the coolest club in the Strip now?

Wendy: Um no…MTB means mountain biking.
Paris: Oh yeah, right…I knew that.

Wendy: Tell us Paris, do you like to ride on the weekends?
Paris: Definitely. Bobby, Mickey, Nick, Ray…

Wendy: No Paris! Bicycles!
Paris: I’m not bi. What are you talking about?

(At this moment, Paris’ phone rings and she shrieks as she talks to some person named Nicole. Her conversation went something like this, “Nicole…no way…he said what…what a loser…get out of here…I’m so there…doing this interview about volleyball or something…later bitch”)

Wendy: Have you ever ridden a bicycle? You know the thing with two wheels and a handlebar?
Paris: Eeeuuww gross, and like sweated and stuff?

(I quickly realise that Paris has no clue about cycling and I shift the topic to something she may identify with)

Wendy: Which cyclists do you find attractive?
Paris: Ooooh…that Cristiano Ronaldo….mmm…now that’s hot.

Wendy: I give up. Thanks for your time.
Paris: Hmmm…One Night in Manchester. I like the sound of that :D

I'm like soooo hot

I'm like soooo hot

*This interview is entirely false, because we all know that Paris Hilton wouldn’t try mountain biking because it is like soooo dirty for her.

Wendy The Mom

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