Improving MTB locally

The African MTB association has been at it again, by vigorously pursuing an organised approach to trail advocacy. Basically, they are looking at improving MTB trails in the country – this will include looking at issues such as mobility, health, safety and illegal dumping.

By doing this, it also have a positive impact on the number of riders that sign up for events. Think about it – There’s nothing worse than hitting a trail, having an ice-cream packet smack you in your face, and then smash into a pile of rubbish while you hold your trash covered leg in agony. MTBers will definitely approach more events if they know that they’re safe.

AMA Riders are calling on you to help identify ‘hotspots’ and report it to them at Look at things such as fencing, natural and man-made obstacles, illegal activities and dumping.

Visit or their Facebook group for further information.

Ricky in Spandex

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