Horrible Weekend

Bah! What a horrible weekend! I’m telling you this hole in the Ozone layer is affecting everything. Isn’t it supposed to be summer still?

To top it all off, Hubby decided to invite his mother over for the weekend, so that she could see the kids. The devil-in-law arrived and my mood instantly matched the weather – dark and gloomy.

This picture captures her image perfectly

Anyway, we all sat in the lounge with our mandatory tea and biscuits (I think I may have snuck some whiskey into my tea to handle the conversation) and began discussing a variety of topics.

Eventually, Gretha (Hubby’s mother) started to chat quite profusely with me and this is an extract of how the conversation went south:

Gretha: Wendy, so are you still into the cycling thing?

Me: Yes, I am.

Gretha: Oh darling, you should really consider doing something much safer…

Me: Why? It’s actually not as dangerous as people may think.

Gretha: Well, I read an article that some cyclist in Cape Town got killed by a motorist in a hit-and-run incident.

Me: Gretha, that’s road cycling. I do mountain biking.

Gretha: Still dear, you may cycle into one of those mountain bears, lions or something.

I’ve decided to end the extract here. I think the last part of the conversation speaks for itself. If it wasn’t for my children being left motherless, I would’ve beaten my head against the wall. Yes, it was the weekend from hell and she only left late last night to go back home. ARGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Wendy The Mom

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