Heating up the track

What do you do once you decide NOT to retire from the sport of MTB? Well, if you’re Bart Brentjens, the first Olympic mountain bike champion, you’ll start your own racing team.

Brentjens along with his wife, Petra, started the Trek-Brentjens team, which aims to use his experience and masterful guile – along with a host of other young talent – to dominate the MTB circuits.

Earlier this year, Brentjens presented his team for 2009, which included Australian Chris Jongewaard, Tim Wijnants from Belgium, and two other Dutchmen Jelmer Pietersma and Frank Beemer.

So far, the team has impressed on all fronts, including an inspiring second place finish in the ABSA Cape Epic, while Jongewaard and Pietersma also put on a strong race in the German town of Offenburg recently.

Trek-Brentjens is certainly making their mark in the MTB world, and so far so good. Keep it up guys! It’s always good to have new competition on the scene. We wouldn’t want it to become predictable and boring like other sports.

Ricky in Spandex

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