He’s got my vote!

Okay, maybe I don’t live in America, but I’ve been following the 2008 presidential face-off very carefully. It’s interesting and besides, America is relevant to all of us. I want them to have a president that will allow ordering from Amazon to become cheap again.

However, I recently came across some news which has swayed my support for a certain candidate.

Democrat Barack Obama is a cyclist, albeit a road cyclist *yuck*. Nonetheless he is still a cyclist. A man on two wheels. He is one of us.

Interestingly, Obama is the only one of the Democratic presidential candidates who openly encourages bicycle transportation *awesome*. And just to prove that I ain’t kidding, here’s a picture I found in the archives, proving Obama’s been a cycling enthusiast from a young age.


*aaaaaaawwwwww sweet*

Unless I discover that Sarah Palin is an MTB enthusiast in the next couple of days, Barack is going to be my hero for a while.

Mind you, I wonder if any South African politicians are also cycling enthusiasts? Maybe somebody like Jacob Zuma :D

Anyhow, I’ll love and leave you all with a funny caption I found about the American elections and cycling.

P.S. Happy Halloween!

Marky Mark

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