Happy Holidays!

As the year draws to a close, many of you will most likely be driving down to your holiday destinations. Please just be careful on the roads – remember people on four wheels aren’t as considerate as those on two.

Beep, beep! I'm crazy!

The MTB Shorts team will not be taking a break this festive season, but would still like to thank each and everyone of you who have clicked on the site and experienced the lighter side of mountain biking – you guys and gals are beyond great.

And before you thank us for our humour bringing a smile to your face, as Kung Fu Panda said, “There is no price for awesomeness.”


"MTB Shorts is awesomeness"

We wish you all a happy holiday and urge you to still visit MTB Shorts every day for a laugh. And before you say that you don’t have internet access, use the WAP on your phone – you can still laugh on the beach, can’t you?

Bandaged Jack

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