Happy, Happy Holidays

From everyone at MTB Shorts: Happy, happy holidays peeps *Happy Easter to all the Christians out there; and Happy Pesach to our Jewish community* Hope you’ve all been enjoying the nice break away from work and spending some QT with your loved ones *obviously, on two wheels*

petrol-expensiveI know we’re all dreading the impending fuel shortage, but let’s try keeping a positive state of mind. We’ve experienced a global economy meltdown and a recession, but ultimately, we’re still here. We will make it through this Dark Age – where there is a will, there is a way. History has proved that humanity can survive through the toughest of times.

Now for some good news, I actually saw SABC Sport transmitting some footage from the Nissan UCI World Cup! I was so shocked that I actually saw something besides a PSL game and that shocking local wrestling, which makes WWE look like Golden Globe material. Nice one, SABC! Two thumbs up!

Keep safe and take care everyone!

Marky Mark

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