Blergh! I’m sick today. I’ve got the damn flu, so please excuse my post today if it is filled with snot and coughs *wipes monitor*

Okay, down to business. Current Elite men’s cross-country champion Brandon Stewart has been cleared to race after his on-the-bike incident with Kevin Evans during the MTN National Marathon Series race in Barberton last month.

Apparently, something transpired between the racers and it resulted in Evans crashing out of the race and then later lodging a complaint against Stewart.

SA-MTB, made a decision that called for a public apology from Stewart (which he has done) and placed him on a three month probation.

Personally, it all just looks like the handbags were taken out for this one. Come on guys, it’s racing after all and essentially, shit happens – deal with it.



Pardon me, while I go self-medicate to try cure this flu from hell. I curse all these outdoor Valentine’s Day events. Damn you, Cupid!

Marky Mark

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