Glengarry Classic

Firstly, let me congratulate Bafana Bafana for their resounding victory over New Zealand yesterday. Well done boys! That’s the kind of soccer we wanna see from you all the time!

On Sunday, 28th June, Glengarry Park will host their 28th Glengarry Classic MTB race. The event features 3 races: The Classic (57km), Intermediate (35km) and Fun Ride (15km).

Recognised by Ride magazine for their scenic, hassle-free trails, this should prove to be more of a leisurely ride than a furious competition.

I remember one weekend when Fred and I went away to the Drakensberg, and decided to give Glengarry’s red, intermediate trail a bash. It proved to be so beautiful and serene that we weren’t even challenging each other like usual – instead we started walking, admiring the green, and making plans to buy a house in KZN!

It’s really a fun ride for the whole family and definitely recommended by me!

Contact Info: 033 267 7225

Bandaged Jack

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