Funny Story

I read quite a funny story that I just have to share with everyone. Burry Stander required 3 pairs of shoes to win the second round of the MTN National Cup Cross-Country race held at Mankele :)

Stander broke the cleat in his left shoe and rode till the end of the lap with a broken shoe. When he couldn’t find his spare pair, he had to borrow someone else’s shoes *yuck*


Vernon Koekemoer lyk mooi in sy Buffalos :D

And if you’re wondering what shoes I’m talking about, it’s cycling shoes, not Buffalos *go back to Boksburg :D *

I guess after being scourged with a stranger’s toe jam for an entire lap, he made the distinct effort to remember where his spare shoes were, because by the beginning of the next lap, he found them.

Nonetheless, he still whipped everyone else’s butts and won another round. Will this guy ever lose? Does he have enough space at home for all his trophies? Is he looking for some paid storage space? Gosh, I’m evil :D

Ooooh and by the way, you’re reading MTB Short’s hundredth post today, so give it up for our blogging team *applause, cheers and naked girls (boys for Wendy)*

Marky Mark

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