Funny haha

There is some really funny stuff on the net about cyclists. I couldn’t contain myself when I saw some of these images and just had to share it with everyone. You better go empty your bladder first, because you may just wet yourself laughing at these funnies :)

Check this picture below, haha. I nominate this invention for a Darwin Award!

The next picture was actually from a fabric softener ad, but it cracked me up when I thought about all the cyclists who complain about rough terrains *I’m sure this bike would hurt more than one’s pride*

Okay, I would just like to know how this guy managed to do this. Will somebody please tell him that this structure is not part of the route?

Xzibit must’ve been lurking around, because it looks like somebody pimped this bike. Yo, West Coast Customs, I want a TV onboard as well :)

Marky Mark

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