Fitness is essential

I’m sure most of us have been packing on a few extra kilos over these public holidays. It’s hard resisting all the sweet and tasty food in front of you; and besides it’s rude to reject Aunt Heather’s lemon meringue cake.

kungfupandaAt the same time, many of us have also probably slacked going to gym and maintaining our fitness levels – yes, yes, I know I’m guilty. However, if you wish to remain in supreme physical condition, my current routine is definitely not recommended.

Did you know that you if layoff exercising for 12 days, you’ll go back halfway between your trained level and your original state before you even trained? And if you don’t train for another 12 days, you’ll go to half of that too! Basically, if you don’t exercise for a month, all your hard work will have been in vain.

It’s important to be fit when doing MTB, because stiffness and pulling muscles is no joke. You could seriously injure yourself if you aren’t physical prepared. My advice – come join me and my partner in crime, Fred, at the gym and let’s sweat back into shape. Remember, stress is necessary for positive change.

Bandaged Jack

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