Environmental Impact

Alright, for the last time now – MTB does NOT destroy the environment!

Sad panda

Sad panda

It actually grates my lower regions that there are people out there who just want to instigate things. Really, if we were omitting carbon dioxide or cyanide into the air, I can understand your arguments – but cycling???

A report by the IMBA (International Mountain Bike Association) found that a mountain bike’s impact is comparable to that of a hiker and substantially less than that of an equestrian. So please feel free to put that into your peace pipe and CHOKE on it!

However, even after that study, critics still pointed to other statistics that MTB is harmful to the ecosystem. To quote my good friend Homer Simpson, “Statistics can be made up, 14% of people know that”.

The point is that if you stay on the trail and don’t do many Matt Hoffman type tricks, you’re a good citizen. End of story.

Bandaged Jack

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