Elections: Go Vote!

It’s election time again and South Africans are going to the polls to vote tomorrow! You may think that elections and government have nothing to do with cycling, but there you are wrong.
pinky_and_the_brainDon’t be kept in the dark. Think about it…the situation of the country will directly impact on the amount of foreign sponsorship received and the injection of money into the local MTB scene. We don’t need greedy morons in government ploughing all the money into their back pocket and taking it away from the people.

In all seriousness, it is important to have the right leadership in place to help this beautiful country move forward and grow. Remember, use your voice, think of the future, be wise casting your vote, and keep your vote a secret.
Oh and if you want to get to the front of the queue quicker – rent a wheelchair. I’m not faking my injury though. It’s legit, I swear!

Bandaged Jack


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