Downhill Domination

Friday was a miserable day. I planned to go riding after work, but the rain decided to come down and screw up my plans. Now don’t get me wrong, I was pretty stoked that the first summer rain came down *I even commented on my Facebook status about it*, but I really had my heart set on some fun on two wheels.I ended up getting stuck in bad traffic on Marlboro Drive (by the way, does anyone else really hate how the Gautrain has caused so many traffic jams?), because everyone in Joburg forgets how to drive when it rains *ARGHHHHHHHH* and by the time I got home, I just wanted to chill.

I called my buddy Phil and our conversation went something like this:

Me: Dude, come over.

Phil: Schweet bru, I’ve got a rad PS2 game for us to jam tonight.

Me: Cool, bring it. I’ll get the beer.

Phil: I’m there like a beer…I mean a bear.

Phil arrived twenty minutes later, and in his hand, he had something which would bring me greater joy than anything Charles Glass could produce – it was a mountain biking Playstation game!!! I’ve played tons of extreme sports games, but never have I come across a MTB game. *sweet*

It’s a fast paced game and incredibly realistic – it features some popular bike manufacturers such as Intense, Trek and Ellsworth. Like most extreme games today, there are some insane tricks you can perform to gain some pride points for yourself.

Downhill Domination has to be the most awesome game known to mankind. It’s like Tony Hawk’s Pro-Skater, but with bikes. The first thing I noticed about the game was the courses available. There are tons of free-ride environments, shorter mountain crosses, and hardcore downhill racing. 

The one feature I absolutely loved was the attack button, which allows you to take an illegal advantage over your competitors by nailing them with punches, hip checks, and homing water bottles.There are 13 distinct riders and 5 professional riders that you can choose to play as, so there is a helluva lot of fun to be had. 

Overall, I loved this game. The fact the IGN gave it an 8/10 just goes to prove it’s an absolute classic. I think I’m gonna rent it out again today or maybe go to Phil’s house – it’s cheaper :D

Marky Mark

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