Disastrous Day!

It was pretty crap that our plans for the Rhodes MTB Challenge fell through this past weekend, because I was actually looking forward to the race. Unfortunately, I couldn’t move stocktaking to another day.

Anyhow, Fred, Russell and I decided to drive to Magaliesburg on Sunday and take the bikes along. After a quick fix of Energade and energy bars, we hit the trail. Fred and I are the fittest, so we normally go further ahead and Russell lags a couple of metres behind.

The uphill was pretty gruelling, but luckily it was also a speedy downhill. What we didn’t count on though were the bumps on the trail, which made death a very realistic possibility.  Luckily, Fred and I managed to hit the brakes just in time and pull off to the side. Unfortunately for Russell – he didn’t.

Russell hit every single bump and flew off his bike. His fall was nasty! When we checked on him, we noticed his collar bone popping out and saying, “hello.”

We called the ambulance.

Ten minutes later, the paramedics called back. The ambulance had a puncture. Great, freaking great!

We managed to help Russell back to my car, where I proceeded to take him to the nearest hospital a few hundred kilometres away. The doctors said he should be fine in the next couple of weeks, but obviously no riding.

So after having an eventful weekend, what is the moral of the story: don’t work on weekends!

Bandaged Jack

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