Days of our Mountain Bikes Part 28

Like the escalating sales of Michael Jackson’s Thriller, so are the days of our mountain bikes…

In today’s episode of Days of our Mountain Bikes titled ‘Evidence and Alibis’, Mike reports Julia’s death to the police, who immediately take him downtown for questioning. Detective John Moon plays the good cop/bad cop routine with Mike, hoping that he’ll admit to the bicycle wheel murder. However, Mike doesn’t budge because he’s innocent. Eventually, Detective Moon lets him go when he discovers the bicycle wheel involved in the murder is from a road bike, not a mountain bike! Who could the killer be? Who are you, who, who, who, who *sorry couldn’t resist*

While walking on the beach, Tobias spots a familiar woman cycling further ahead – flowing blonde locks, toned arms and slender tanned legs. It looks just like Whitney! He races over to try and speak to her, but before he knows it, she’s disappeared into the sunset. Could it have been a mirage or is Whitney back again?

Petro enters Hel-Met in every single MTB competition he can find, when he realises the potential financial return of the prodigious boy. Diana urges Petro to not push Hel-Met too much, as he’s still in a stage of recovery from his EPO addiction. Petro doesn’t care – all he sees is profit from their adopted son. Will Hel-Met be pushed over the edge or will he deliver the goods? And is Sanchez still lurking in the dust-filled shadows?

*Enter cheap 80s theme song*

Stay tuned to what happens next in the Days of our Mountain Bikes!

*Enter the latest report on Real Madrid’s hundredth signing of the summer*

Wendy The Mom

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