Days of our Mountain Bikes Part 23

Like the footballing lesson Barcelona gave Manchester United, so are the days of our mountain bikes…

In today’s episode of Days of our Mountain Bikes titled ‘Road Rage’, Mike tells Julian he’ll be his friend as long as Julian isn’t part of one of Julia’s latest tricks. Julian assures him that he isn’t. Friendship reunited, Mike tells Julian he wants them to ride together as a team and dominate MTB circuits. Is Julian telling the truth or is he really just a lonely sod?

Tobias takes David to the museum of bikes. As they walk around, David starts to ask more and more questions about road bikes. Tobias is horrified that his son may actually be interested in that disgusting sport and slaps him. As David cries, Tobias tells him, “I’ve never been more ashamed of anyone is my life. You are not my son!” The relationship between Tobias and David seems to be heading south, what’s going to happen next?

Petro begins training again with the assistance of Sanchez, who brings him Energade and fresh towels to clean his sweat. Sanchez begins to grow annoyed with his boss’s demands, and formulates a plan to sleep with Petro’s wife – when she comes back – and then kill him (yes, it’s cliché and completely pointless…duh). Will Sanchez go through with his plan?

*Enter cheap jazz music*

Stay tuned to what happens next in the Days of our Mountain Bikes!

*Fade to commercial on funny bears*

Wendy The Mom

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