Cycling Clinics

There is one thing I have to give the Americans credit for and that is that the professionals, in their related fields, are constantly giving free clinics to young amateurs. Whether it be for musicians, footballers or even cyclists – there is an abundance of guidance and information available for youngsters.

Coaching clinics are crucial to success

Coaching clinics are crucial to success

Take pro racer Krista Park, for example. She will be holding free racing clinics for amateur riders at select events of the East and West US Cup series. Topics of her clinic will include training and nutrition, preparation, warm-up, strategy, race skills and bike setup. These clinics will allow for riders of all ages to attend and also have the opportunity to ask her questions.

Clinics are essential for the dissemination of information. They allow for ambitious amateurs to meet their successful idols and hopefully learn something from them.

Isn’t it about time that our SA professionals also held more of these clinics to help develop young talent? We don’t want our golden era of cycling to go downhill like our soccer team did. Let’s be honest, the reason Bafana Bafana aren’t doing so well since AFCON 1996 is because there was no money or coaching clinics created to unearth new talent.

I urge you all with my new slogan: Save the amateur!

Ricky in Spandex

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