Coke Zero Fest 2009

Some of you may not know, but I’m a huge rock music fan and every year I wait eagerly in anticipation for the latest instalment of the Coke Fest or the My Coke Fest or whatever the name is for that relevant year.

This years edition has been called the Coke Zero Fest *now that should of got the alarm bells ringing and I should’ve know that the bands would’ve been “lighter” than previous years*

So far, they’ve announced Oasis, Snow Patrol and Panic at the Disco – boring, bland and emo. I’m really disappointed. Where are the Iron Maidens, Linkin Parks or Metallicas this year? I thought this was a rock festival?

Coke Zero Fest - featuring more emos than your local mall

Coke Zero Fest - featuring more emos than your local mall

I’m holding thumbs that there may be just one cool band, at freaking least!

You may be all asking what this has to do with cycling and to answer your question – nothing. Just save yourself R600 in April and go cycling instead. At least my iPod will comfort me while I hit the trails :(

Marky Mark

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One thought on “Coke Zero Fest 2009

  1. YAY! Bullet for my Valentine! I’m happy again…I guess MTB will
    have to wait for one day :P

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