Cocked, locked and ready to unload

It’s less than two weeks until the Centurion Cycle Challenge begins. Come October 11th, I’ll be the terminator on two wheels. It’s going to be cycling Armageddon in Gauteng that weekend! Yeah!

I’m rearing to go after my last race was a complete abortion. The Mazda MTN Dirty Harry is still a phrase that nobody in my home is allowed to utter in my presence. This punk didn’t feel lucky that day (thanks Mr Eastwood), after my rear derailleur broke a third of the way through the race. I think I may have exerted myself perhaps just a bit too much, and the giant boulder probably didn’t help much.

Needless to say, I spent the rest of the race at walking pace. Luckily for me, and perhaps unluckily for him, my riding buddy Fred also suffered from some technical difficulties and just so happened to join me on my walk. We walked a seething 45 kilometres, which I wouldn’t have minded so much if I walked for life. But I don’t. I cycle. Walking’s for the unbalanced.

Nonetheless, it still made me sick to see other riders blaze past us. Like this tard from Cape Town – I think his name is Arnold. I can’t stand him! He is so full of himself and always boasts how he beat Greg Minnaar in an early race in his career. Seriously, you might want to win a few followups before you consider yourself the best, homeboy.

I’ll never forget the National Downhill Series in Nelspruit, 2007 where Arnold and I were neck-on-neck when I suddenly found a burst of energy to get a nose ahead. I was so thrilled to have taken the advantage over Arnold that I lost concentration and clipped a tree. The broken bones didn’t hurt as much as my pride did, but he still didn’t win (no surprises there).

Fred and I continued walking and talking, when a second too late I noticed a sudden change in the ground and found myself falling into this:
Okay, that’s actually the Kimberly Hole, but the ditch I fell into was pretty deep.

A snap later and my fears were confirmed by Fred’s prophetic words: “Oh my God! You broke your arm, you bastard!”

October 11
th. I’ll be back.

Centurion Cycle Challenge Info

Bandaged Jack

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