On Wednesday, the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport handed a ten-year ban to retired Canadian cyclist Genevieve Jeanson, and life bans to her coach, Andre Aubut, and physician, Maurice Duquette.

The bans were handed out following a 12 month probe was launched after 27-year-old Jeanson admitted to using banned substance erythropoetin (EPO). And more sanctions may be added after the organisation said they’ll continue investigating.

So once again, another cyclist has been banned for doping – great, just freaking great! I hope they take away all her titles and awards, because ultimately, by doping she was costing other athletes the opportunities of winning titles, awards, sponsorship, etc. Her previous competitors should get together and sue her too! Take Jeanson and her coaches to the cleaners!

Pardon my French – DUMBASSES! I’m tired of defending the sport of cycling, when idiots like these ones destroy all the good work done by many others. Say no to doping, kids.

Ricky in Spandex

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