Centurion Cycle Challenge

October 11th. I was focused and determined to overcome all challengers (and my broken arm). I had a slight chuckle at this one bonehead who forgot to bring his helmet. Doesn’t that idiot know that no helmet equals no race?

The event kicked off at 7:30AM at Pelindaba and I felt just fine as I accelerated to the top of the pack. Fred was also just a few paces behind me (as usual), but we were both on the path to glory. The Centurion Cycle Challenge isn’t really such a tough route – in fact, it’s only rated a moderate course.

Unfortunately for me, Fred’s tyre decided to go to mountain bike heaven this weekend, and considering the fact that he stopped for me the last time I had a technical difficulty, I had to return the favour.

It particularly sucked when I finally arrived near the back of the pack only to realise Arnold smirking at the front, gloating how he had completed the route in his own record time. Who does he think he is? The David Beckham of the cycling world?

Nevertheless, it was cool that Fred and I could share a beer after the race and laugh at our recent string of bad luck. My broken arm and his popped tyre – a marriage made in MTB heaven.

Bandaged Jack

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