Never say never, Evans eyes 2011 DCM Cape Pioneer Trek

“Never again.”

This is what Kevin Evans (360Life) said last year after he had finished the first stage of the DCM Cape Pioneer Trek.

“It was just not fun. The racing was extremely hard and I could not see the point in punishing myself so late in the season. I phoned my teammate, David George, and told him that if there was one race we would not do in 2011, it was the DCM Cape Pioneer Trek,” Evans explained.

But, as the saying goes “never say never”.  Much can change in a short period of time and that is exactly what happened.

After stage three Evans made a 360° turn-about in regard to his continued participation in the DCM Cape Pioneer Trek.

“I again phoned David and told him that if there was one race we would definitely do in 2011 it was the DCM Cape Pioneer Trek.”

Asked about the reason for this dramatic change of mind, Evans said that he began to realize that he was competing in a really unique event.

“Every year I compete in many races around the world. The DCM Cape Pioneer Trek is the only event in which the needs of the riders always come first.

“Henco Rademeyer and Carel Herholdt and their Dryland Event Management Team go out of their way to make the six days of racing a unique experience.

“What is also special about the DCM Cape Pioneer Trek is that it is not just about winning. Don’t get me wrong!  During every stage the racing is hard, but the suffering becomes bearable because of the camaraderie that develops among all the riders.
“I really enjoyed the “kuier” after every stage when the top riders and the fun riders swapped their ‘war stories’. I don’t always get the opportunity to spend time with my supporters.”

About their goals for the DCM Cape Pioneer Trek, Evans said that an overall victory was not their main priority.

“I think our approach will be much the same as that of Christopher Sauser, the marathon world champion.  We want to enjoy ourselves, but if the opportunity should arise to win a stage we would certainly go for it.

“What will be important during the six days of racing will be to test our equipment to get an idea of what we should use during next year’s Cape Epic. It certainly helps that we will be racing on some of the same routes that have been used for the Epic.”


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Photo Credit: ZOON CRONJE

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Sauser adament to return to the 2011 DCM Cape Pioneer Trek in October

dcm-cape-pioneer-trekLike a moth not being able to resist circling a bright light or a woman not being able to resist eating chocolates, Christoph Sauser (Specialized) has a compulsion to participate in the DCM Cape Pioneer Trek in the Klein Karoo.

Being the current world marathon mountain-bike champion, Sauser could well have taken a well-deserved break from cycling in October, but that will not be the case. Sauser is adament that he will not miss out on racing the DCM Cape Pioneer Trek.

“I have so much fun during and after the stages when I race the DCM Cape Pioneer Trek. For me it feels like a great holiday. The staff and riders become like members of my family over the six days of the Trek. The comradeship among the riders is unbelievable. The Cape Pioneer Trek is not only about racing and winning. We have so much to laugh and joke about and we have enjoyed some legendary parties after the stages. The fact that some of the stages have been long, windy and rocky, has only made the rest of the time better. The race is always superbly organized. I really like the Klein Karoo and we always go to beautiful places. I love to explore, and to do so on my mountain bike is the very best way.”

dcm-cape-pioneer-trekSauser is not yet sure who will be his partner for the six-day tour. “I was hoping to ride the tour with Silvio Bundi again, but it might not happen because Silvio will become a dad about mid-August and he has to clear his participation with his wife first.” Sauser and Bundi won the 2006 Cape Epic. One thing is certain. It does not matter with whom Sauser teams up to race the Pioneer Trek. Even though he claims to be on a holiday, he will not be just fooling around. Even if Sauser should decide to put in just a 70% to 80% effort, it would in all probability be enough to give him a realistic chance to finish on the podium.

dcm-cape-pioneer-trekDuring last year’s tour Sauser grew noticeably stronger and more motivated as the tour progressed. South African cycling fans should actually try to watch Sauser racing because he is one of the true mountain-biking legends. There are not many riders who can boast that they have won both the World Cross-country (2008) and World Marathon (2007 and 2011) titles. He also won a bronze medal at the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games, as well as 14 World Cup races. As far as second and third place finishes in important international events are concerned, his CV is also impressive. Sauser has also won the Absa Cape Epic with South Africa’s Burry Stander this year (2011).

dcm-cape-pioneer-trekThe Swiss rider answered the following questions on his website.

What Specialized bikes do you ride?

S-Works Carbon Epic for racing, S-Works Stumpjumper and Enduro for the real fun, Tarmac SL2 and Roubaix on the road, Stumpjumper hardtail 29er for commuting

What is your favourite food?

Macaroni, fresh bread, pizza, homemade burger. Actually I like anything. It just depends on the quality and how it is cooked.

What is your favorite fluid?
Water, draft beer, red wine, coffee, and nothing else really.

Any hobbies besides cycling?
Backcountry skiing, reading, snowboarding, relaxing, cooking.

If you were not a pro mountain-bike racer, what would you be?
Professional road cyclist, military pilot, ski jumper.

What has been your best riding experience?
Free riding with backpack from hotel to hotel after the racing seasons. This is a great way of having fun with friends and still being active. Well, it can also get over the top for after-season fun. The routes on the hiking maps always look short in time, and we often end up riding into the night. One day, years ago, we could not find the trail in the dark and it was midnight before we arrived in a small mountain village. Luckily there was something like a holiday apartment in which we could sleep. Now I always have a light in the backpack with me!

And the worst?
On a long road trip to Italy I stopped the car near Brescia and went for a road ride. On the way back it got dark, and I could not find my car. It was freezingly cold, and I had to ride in the rush hour without lights. It took me for ever to find the car again!

Where is your favorite place to do mountain biking?
Alps, Colorado, Monaco

What kind of music do you have on your iPod?
Lunik, Depeche Mode, Franz Ferdinand, Gorillaz, Robbie Williams, Akon, Mattafix. The Thing Things, Gwen Stefani, Led Zeppelin. All in all I need great variety.

What is the best part of racing?
Crossing the finishing line first, and seeing excited team staff and fans!

What are your main strengths?
Technique, mental, confidence, preparation, experience, equipment.

What are your main weaknesses?
A combination of cold and wet weather. Sometimes I think too positive, especially when I choose tires, or not take spares with me.

Any advice for beginners?
Have fun with the right bike from the beginning. So have a look at the Specialized S-Works right away!

What is your best way of having a good time?
Being healthy, and independent in the mountains. Riding on cool single trails the whole day with friends and on my free-ride bike, with a great dinner afterwards.

Why do you ride?
The is no better way of getting around in nature, with friends or alone. The perfect travelling speed. Actually it is amazing how far you can go with a bike in just one day with only the energy of your body!

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Photo Credit: ZOON CRONJE

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Little Girls!

Peeps, I’m telling you that most road cyclists and organisers behave like little girls!

I just read the news that Tour de Spain director Javier Guillen said that Alberto Contador’s absence will not noticed at this year’s event. Is this guy freaking nuts or drinking too much tequila?

Contador is the Tour de France winner! That means he’s the most bankable rider and cycling personality in the world right now – of course he’ll be missed.

Maybe Guillen will retract his statement when he notices how fewer people attend this year’s event because of Contador’s absence.

Crazy road cyclists and fanatics – probably been inhaling too many exhaust fumes!

Marky Mark

Rachel Atherton is out until 2010!

Wow, how things change so fast! Just last year, Rachel Atherton was on top of the world after winning the dowhill world championship in Italy. This year, she’s spent the entire season healing after her collision with a pick-up truck during a training session (Pick-up truck 1 Atherton 0).

The crash forced her to undergo surgery on her shoulder in May, but it’s still too unstable for her to race and she needs more time to build up the supporting muscles. 

Atherton has said that she is disappointed to miss the season and only wanted more success after last year, but acknowledges that she’ll have to wait until 2010 to get back on the bike.

We’re holding thumbs for you, girl. Come back stronger than before and show these other riders how a champion does it!

You can follow the Atherton family with the latest reality tv-type episode.

Have you ever suffered an injury that made you believe your time was up?

Wendy The Mom

Custody Battle

I had the biggest chuckle yesterday as I read the news about Tour de France winner, Alberto Contador.

Recently, Contador has been getting some rather fruitful offers from rival teams, which has prompted him to come out and say he’d like to start afresh and with a new challenge.

However, his team Astana has warned any potential suitors that he will have to honour his contract until the end of 2010 and they won’t allow him to leave until then.

Man, this sounds a friend’s recent divorce. Him and his ex wife fought for months in court over their son Barry. Barry wanted to live with his dad, but his mom wanted him to live with her. It all ended up in court and it was such an ugly experience for the poor boy to endure.

Maybe Contador is a little like Barry in this situation. I expect plenty of tears and drama soon. Damn road cycling hehehe

Bandaged Jack

Minnaar Crashes!

Local cycling star, Greg Minnaar, experienced a high speed crash at the UCI Downhill World Cup in Mt. Ste. Anne, Quebec. Yet despite this, he managed to get back on the saddle and finish in 22nd place. This misfortune has unfortunately cost Minnaar in the overall standings as he slipped from 1st to 3rd.

In the same event, Steve Peat claimed his 50th career podium when he finished in 2nd place. Clap, clap Stevey!



1: Samuel Hill (AUS) 4:38.44

2: Steve Peat (GBR) 4:41.48

3 Aaron Holmes (USA) 4:42.91



1 Samuel Hill 1039

2 Steve Peat 1035

3 Greg Minnaar 973

4 Gee Atherton 931

5 Mick Hannah 821


Ricky in Spandex

A Case of Sour Grapes?

I’m sorry for doing this again, but I’m really finding a lot to talk about in relation to this year’s Tour de France.

Current Tour de France champion, Spaniard Carlos Sastre, lashed out yesterday over a perceived “lack of respect” coming into the event. He further claimed conspiracy, as he believes certain riders are purely out to get him and to make sure that he doesn’t win the tour.

He also didn’t make many new friends when he stated that the Contador vs Armstrong rivalry had made the race “boring”. Here’s what Sastre had to say:

I think it’s disrespectful, as defending champion, to always be faced with questions about Lance Armstrong and Alberto Contador. For months you’ve been creating a rivalry between Armstrong and Contador, and now that the race has become boring and there’s nothing more to write about you turn to me and expect me to do something. I’m not a box of magic tricks.

Personally, I think Sastre should be keeping these types of thoughts to himself. It’s not the conduct of a professional sportsman. You should be gracious in defeat, senor! But on the other side of the coin, I’m happy he said it, because it now proves that MTBers are much better professionals hehehe…


What are your thoughts on this year’s Tour de France? Do you agree with Sastre’s statements?

Ricky in Spandex

Improving MTB locally

The African MTB association has been at it again, by vigorously pursuing an organised approach to trail advocacy. Basically, they are looking at improving MTB trails in the country – this will include looking at issues such as mobility, health, safety and illegal dumping.

By doing this, it also have a positive impact on the number of riders that sign up for events. Think about it – There’s nothing worse than hitting a trail, having an ice-cream packet smack you in your face, and then smash into a pile of rubbish while you hold your trash covered leg in agony. MTBers will definitely approach more events if they know that they’re safe.

AMA Riders are calling on you to help identify ‘hotspots’ and report it to them at Look at things such as fencing, natural and man-made obstacles, illegal activities and dumping.

Visit or their Facebook group for further information.

Ricky in Spandex


Heya peeps, did anybody go and watch Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince last night? I didn’t…damn tickets were all sold out because of these pesky kids who have nothing better to do in the holidays *yes, I am grumpy today*

Speaking of sell-outs, did you hear about the Highland Fling Mountain Bike Marathon in Australia? It was sold out just 5 hours after registration opened! Apparently, all 1500 places were booked quickly and the organisers had to turn away another 2000 entrants. That’s actually quite phenomenal considering that the event is only scheduled for 7-8 November. For more info on this story, click here.

Going back to Harry Potter…I’m still bummed, okay? I really wanted to go watch it! The other movies that were showing were so boooooooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnng. Mind you, I should’ve gone to see Megan Fox on the big screen again *drool*

Have a great day and keep warm everyone!

Marky Mark

Toyota Supercycling

A while ago we posted a blog on the Toyota MTN Bike Park Event, and this past weekend, the grand spectacle finally took place. Doubling up as the 5th round of the 2009 Central Gauteng Provincial Series, the Toyota Supercycling event proved to be an unbelievable inaugural showpiece for the new purpose-built facility.

DCM Chrome’s Bryce Munro dominated on Sunday when he cruised to a significant overall victory in the Elite and Under-23 Men’s category. A worthy mention must go to current African Elite Men’s cross-country champ, Specialized’s Ben Melt Swanepoel, who finished second and Jan Withaar in third.

In the women’s category, IMC Momentum’s Yolande Speedy proved to be in her own league as she wiped the floor with all competitors. Second place went to Claudia von Tutschek and the final podium place was claimed by Carien van Jaarsveld.

Overall, it was an awesome event which should bring some new excitement to the concrete jungle, known as Sandton. And seriously, who would’ve thought that Bryanston could actually have a MTB track?!

Stunning babe *grin*

Bandaged Jack