Cycle Show

I just read that an annual cycle show is going to be taking place at Earl’s Court, London on the 9-11 October. I think its awesome news, but it got me wondering: does SA host any local cycling shows or expos?

I know we have shows like the Rand Easter Show, Soccer Expo, Auto Africa and even the computer one, Rage, but I’ve never heard of a cycling expo… I’ve tried googling it, but I can’t seem to find anything :/

Wouldn’t it be awesome to see the latest MTB gadgets and hot promo girls handing out branded water bottles, which are so much better just because they’re free? It would be the perfect opportunity for various companies, such as those involved in navigation devices and energy drinks, to showcase their latest products and developments.

Organisers, here’s your chance to pioneer something new for the local MTB community! You can thank Ricky and MTB Shorts by giving us a free booth if this ever happens…

Do you know of any cycle shows in South Africa?

Ricky in Spandex

IM with Pete

Yesterday, I logged onto MSN and saw that my buddy, Pete, was online. Now Pete and I haven’t seen each other since our drunken varsity days, so this was a bit of a catch up conversation…

Mark: Yo dude, howz it hanging?
Mr missed-the-mark, I’m good n u, homey?
Mark: Lol. I’m gr8 bud, just doing some work…blergh!
Awesome man, u still @ that accounting firm?
Mark: Yup, yup…and u?
Still studying, boet. Doing my Masters now…
Pete: Where you hiding these days? We never c u @ the pub anymore…
Mark: I’m hectic into mountain biking. Training. Riding. It’s really cool and keeps you fit.
Pete: Mountain biking? So you’ve been riding around delivering newspapers like a paper boy lol
Mark: No man, MTB not normal cycling. We do dirt trails out in nature, my friend.
Eish! That sounds um…boring…zzz…
Mark: Voetsek. U prob still benchpressing potato bags to get fit!
Mark: Don’t tune me, china. I’m fit and staunch now hehe
So when am I gonna be seeing you on tv riding the tour de france?
Mark: That’s road cycling! Not MTB!
Yeah, yeah, whatever Mr Contador!
Mark: *Expletitive* I’m not into road cycling ARRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!
Pete: No need 2 get upset. I’ll buy you training wheels for ur birthday!
Mark is now offline.

Please excuse the atrocious IM spelling, but this is an important issue I wish to address once again – MTB is not the same as road cycling ARRRRRRRRRGGGGGHHHHHHH! Thank you, enjoy your day.

Marky Mark

Marital Cycling

I recently blogged about what NOT to do with your significant other, in relation to MTB, and now I’m going to tell you what to do hehe…


Husband and wife, Jeremy Horgan Kobelski and Heather Irmiger of Boulder, Colorado recently won the US National Cross Country championship titles on the same day, just two weeks after each won a US Marathon National title.

How incredibly awesome is that? Taking your bikes out together and annihilating the opposition into the ground MUHAHAHA, snort, MUHAHAHA. I wish my hubby would get off the couch one day and actually join me on the track, but every single weekend there is a new rugby game to watch. Don’t these guys ever get tired of touching each other’s bums?

Really guys, it’s alright to go riding with your wife or girlfriend – there is nothing wrong with it. I know most guys are probably worried that their partners will outshine them, but seriously you gotta learn now that whatever you can do – a woman will always do it better. It’s not an opinion, it’s a fact!

Wendy The Mom

Wakey Wakey!

Peeps, I must really start waking up early if I want to catch the MiWay MTB shows on Supersport on CSN – they are on sooooooooooooo early in the morning, something like 5.30am?! Madness! It’s really pushing me to purchase DSTV for my flat *Hmm…maybe that’s their dastardly plan after all. You may ask who they are, but shhh…if you keep quiet, I’ll show you a dinosaur*

I really hate winter. I feel like such a slob. I don’t cycle, I struggle to lift my ass out of bed, and my nose is always blocked. I think it’s time that September rolls around, so I can wear my shorts again and show off my freshly shaved legs *oh yeah, it feels like the fingers of a thousand angels on my smooth legs right now*

But anyway, I’m glad that MTB has found its way onto the Channel of Champions. Now just to make a plan to watch it or PVR it…

P.S. I’m pissed off with a certain cellphone network for having absolutely no coverage for three hours yesterday. Do you know that because of them I missed out on a great invite for sushi? Do you know that in some countries people will kill for sushi? Waaaaaaaahhhhhhhh…I want sushi!

Marky Mark

A Case of Sour Grapes?

I’m sorry for doing this again, but I’m really finding a lot to talk about in relation to this year’s Tour de France.

Current Tour de France champion, Spaniard Carlos Sastre, lashed out yesterday over a perceived “lack of respect” coming into the event. He further claimed conspiracy, as he believes certain riders are purely out to get him and to make sure that he doesn’t win the tour.

He also didn’t make many new friends when he stated that the Contador vs Armstrong rivalry had made the race “boring”. Here’s what Sastre had to say:

I think it’s disrespectful, as defending champion, to always be faced with questions about Lance Armstrong and Alberto Contador. For months you’ve been creating a rivalry between Armstrong and Contador, and now that the race has become boring and there’s nothing more to write about you turn to me and expect me to do something. I’m not a box of magic tricks.

Personally, I think Sastre should be keeping these types of thoughts to himself. It’s not the conduct of a professional sportsman. You should be gracious in defeat, senor! But on the other side of the coin, I’m happy he said it, because it now proves that MTBers are much better professionals hehehe…


What are your thoughts on this year’s Tour de France? Do you agree with Sastre’s statements?

Ricky in Spandex


Heya peeps, did anybody go and watch Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince last night? I didn’t…damn tickets were all sold out because of these pesky kids who have nothing better to do in the holidays *yes, I am grumpy today*

Speaking of sell-outs, did you hear about the Highland Fling Mountain Bike Marathon in Australia? It was sold out just 5 hours after registration opened! Apparently, all 1500 places were booked quickly and the organisers had to turn away another 2000 entrants. That’s actually quite phenomenal considering that the event is only scheduled for 7-8 November. For more info on this story, click here.

Going back to Harry Potter…I’m still bummed, okay? I really wanted to go watch it! The other movies that were showing were so boooooooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnng. Mind you, I should’ve gone to see Megan Fox on the big screen again *drool*

Have a great day and keep warm everyone!

Marky Mark

Bike Insurance

Last week, Fred and I were blitzing around an epic trail when BAM! He hit a giant boulder and his bike was completely bent beyond recognition. This is a transcript of our conversation…

Me: Man, your bike looks completely totalled.

Fred: Oh yes, boet. This is easily a couple of grands worth of repair…

Me: Dude, I love mountain biking, but there is no way that I can afford to spend a couple of Gs every month fixing it – the bike and equipment itself is already two month’s salary for me. I gotta eat too, you know.

Fred:  Ag don’t worry man, you should get bike insurance like I have with *censored*

Me: Really? Is it worth it? Do they pay out?

Fred: For sure…this bike will be replaced in absolutely no time…

Unfortunately for Fred, he didn’t read the fine print on his forms. The insurance was only valid if the bike was stolen or smashed into – not a riding accident. Cost of repairs for Fred: R13 000.

However, another mate of ours, Basil, recommended that we check out MiWay bike insurance as these guys really seem to be on the ball. Fred gave them a call and they gave him an even better rate than *censored* and he said they were “lekker oaks too” (trust Fred to notice that when conducting business). Maybe, I’ll give them a call today on 0860 64 64 64 as well and insure my trusty two-wheeler…

Bandaged Jack

Till Dirt Do Us Part…

Alright guys, the next thing I’m about to show you is neither cute or romantic, so just don’t do it! Really, don’t do it!

Seems like some genius has decided to create rings which resemble the tyres of various objects, such as mountain bikes and cars. Click here to view the website.

Let me just say that it’s a novel idea, but no girl wants to be proposed to with one of these hideous things. Guys, as much as your lady may like MTB, don’t even think about it. Girls want big diamonds, because after all they are our best friends – not a cheap MTB ring!

Now please think carefully about this, unless you want the following to happen to you…

Wendy The Mom

Tour de France

Let’s be honest here…who has been watching the Tour de France lately? Come now, don’t be ashamed; just raise your hands MTBers.

I’ve got to say I’ve kept half an eye on it. I’m really interested to see what Lance Armstrong can do this year. Whether you’re a road cyclist or MTBer, you have to admit he is an exceptional athlete – perhaps one of the best that the world of cycling has ever produced and he never fails to deliver.

I’ve also noticed that Spaniard and 2006 winner, Oscar Pereiro, pulled out of this year’s competition. Does anybody know why? I can’t seem to find any official comment from his team, Caisse d’Epargne.

But the real reason I’ve kept an eye on the competition is because I can’t wait for the drug busts on those sneaky road cyclists *evil grin* Every year, it’s a sure bet. I just don’t get it; they know the organisers do random testing, yet they still do it – dumbasses. Oh well, keep your eyes peeled for the next bust. Bets start at R50 hehe

Are you watching the Tour de France? What are your thoughts on it?

Ricky in Spandex

2009 UCI Mountain Bike and Trials World Championships

G’day mate. Since most South Africans are hopping on the one trip boat to Australia, I thought I’d post a blog on an event happening there for all you trait…err mean readers (just kidding).

From 1-6 September, Stromlo Forrest Park in Canberra, Australia will be hosting the 2009 UCI Mountain Bike and Trials World Championships. Featuring the who’s who of champions, this event will be an action packed spectacle that will thrill every single sheep and kangaroo in the outback.

Expected riders include Christoph Sauser, Margarita Fullana, Rachel and Gee Atherton.

Pssst…here’s a nice scoop – admission will be free from that Tuesday to Thursday. So all you cheapskates, like myself, will be able to get in for nothing.

One man. One adventure….aaaah who am I kidding I’m not Pablo Francisco!

Bandaged Jack