Amarider 100 Miler

The Western Cape is getting another first in MTB this weekend, because the inaugural Amarider 100 Miler is scheduled to take place on Saturday, 16th May.

This endurance event, which takes place over 160 km, will begin in Durbanville and end in Paarl. The Amarider 100 Miler will prove to be incredibly gruelling even for the most seasoned of cyclists. But hey, look at the bright side – you’ll go on a lovely tour of the Swartland and Cape Winelands while you sweat.

Riders will also have the opportunity of competing either as individuals (Solo) or as relay teams of 3 (Relay).

The organisation arranging this event is AMA Rider (The African Mountain Bike Association). They are a mountain bike advocacy organisation aimed at improving mountain bike opportunities on the African continent (Two thumbs up! Ricky loves you).

Entries for the event have already closed, but MTB Shorts thinks you should still head out and support this wonderful initiative.

For further information, please go to

Ricky in Spandex

24-hour Southern Skies MTB Relay 2009

Yay! I’m going to Paris! Woot woot!

Err…oops, I read wrong, I’m actually going to Parys. Oh well, at least I’ll get some quality biltong and a shirt-tan there.

The 24-Hour Southern Skies MTB Relay 2009 is happening at the Ride Arena, Parys, Free State from 9-10 May, which makes it *um…I’m counting the days on my fingers* THIS WEEKEND!!!!

Here is the pricing for the event:

6-hour Solo race (R165), 12-hour Two-man team (R330), 24-hour team relay (R840).

I guess I better get my mom a beeeeg present since I’m not going to be around for Mother’s Day. I’m sorry mommy, I love you loads, but Mark really needs to go do the 7km laps to get in shape. I hope you understand and save me a piece of your delicious apple tart! Mmmm…food…good.

For further info on the event call 011 707 2700.

Marky Mark


I’m so confused to what day it is. These public holidays are unrelenting – not that I’m complaining, I just wish I knew if it was Monday or Tuesday or Friday. Regardless, I’m excited to hear that there will be some MTB action available on the 1st May.

If you’re in the Western Cape – or more precisely the Overberg area, near Greyton – why not head down to the Dirtopia Mountain Bike Festival, which is being held from 1-3 May.  Whether you’re a leisure cyclist or full-blown MTB junkie, it’s going to be a fun, fun weekend.

I wish I could go…

Unfortunately. I’ll be stuck with the traditional Workers Day braai at my place. I really have no desire to hear Michelle talk about her latest boob lift or Crystal blab about her R500 haircut. Those woman make me want to attack them with braai tongs and set their boobs on fire. Grrrrrrr.

Nonetheless, please go out to Dirtopia and enjoy the weekend. Have a moment of silence for poor old Wendy and bring back some sand to Joburg as a souvenir.

For more info, go to   

Wendy The Mom

MTN National XCM #2

You better find a babysitter for the weekend, because the MTN National XCM #2 is coming to Chandelier, Oudthoorn, Southern Cape this Sunday, 26th April.

mtn-logoThis event is considered one of the most prestigious and rigorous races in South Africa that draws top cyclists from around the world to come and compete on the world-class tester. I’m pretty sure the beautiful scenic ride through the Little Karoo region is also a major deciding factor when choosing this event.

Hubby also said that it is a fantastic terrain for Jeep riding, but I told him that he is NOT driving a big car again after he overturned our friend Dale’s Landcruiser two years ago. Dale had to lie to his insurance company that he was driving and had a slight accident because of my husband’s stupidity! Hubby must just stick to his 1.6 Opel Corsa for a very long time!

For more details and to enter the event, click here. Make sure you enter online by the 22 April – that’s tomorrow! Yikes! Hurry up!

Wendy The Mom

MTB World Cup on TV

Alright, maybe for some reason beyond your control, you may have missed the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup, presented by Shimano, in Pietermaritzburg. Firstly, shame on you – you should’ve been there no matter what. Secondly, never fear because Supersport is here!

wileSupersport will be airing two 30-minute specials on the event at the end of April and beginning of May. The first episode will be broadcast on 27 April at 21h00 on SS6. And the second episode will be shown on 5 May at 20h00 on SS5. For further info on repeats, click here.

I’m pretty happy that Supersport is finally getting involved in the whole MTB scene. It’s refreshing to see a sport besides soccer, rugby or tennis getting some decent coverage. Even there website is jam-packed with info about the whole cycling scene. Two sweaty thumbs up to the channel of champions!

Pointless trivia: did you know that over 16 000 tickets were sold at the MTB World Cup?

Ricky in Spandex

And the winners are…

Man, oh man! What a weekend of cycling! This last weekend was the greatest weekend of my life. Screw wedding photos or birth of kids, this weekend’s pics are going straight into my wallet!

The Nissan UCI Mountain Bike World Cup, presented by Shimano, sponsored by DCM Chrome in Pietermaritzburg, was beyond amazing. It provided the blood, sweat and gears which will be immortalised in the history of MTB.

beautiful2In the downhill men’s category, local Maritzburg boy, Greg Minnaar, kicked some major butt again to claim first place ahead of Michael Hannah and Steve Peat. In the downhill women’s category, Tracy Moseley celebrated her 30th birthday with a first place finish ahead of Emmeline Ragot and Sabrina Jonnier.

In the men’s cross-country event, Spaniard Jose Hermida took the honours ahead of Julien Absalon and South Africa’s own Burry Stander. In the ladies’ cross-country event, Elisabeth Osl finished top ahead of Irina Kalentieva and Lene Byberg.

For full detailed results of the MTB World Cup, please visit

If you were at the event, please share some stories with us. Tell us what you thought of it and if you’ll go attend another event in the future.

Ricky in Spandex

Reminder: MTB World Cup!

Just in case you forgot, the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup, presented by Shimano, starts TODAY! If you ain’t in Pietermaritzburg yet, you better get your ass into gear, because from today till the 12th of April, the cycling world is going to be gathered in KZN for the event of the year.

MTBCome now! The minimum price for a ticket is only R30 – that’s so cheap, it’s almost a steal! What else you going to be doing over the long weekend? Listening to boring family stories around the fire again? Hey, hey, hey???

Stop with the excuses, get in your car or go to the airport and get to Pietermaritzburg, by any means necessary. Yes, I know the town is generally pretty dead, but this weekend will be the exception to the rule.

You can purchase tickets through the official event website at as well as at the event itself.

P.S. If you see a guy riding with a cast on his arm – don’t laugh because that may be me!

P.P.S. Happy Easter or Pesach – choose whichever is applicable to you!

Bandaged Jack

German efficiency at the MTN SA Cup

Zee Germans are coming! Zee Germans are coming! Aaah, you gotta love Jason Statham in Snatch, just for that saying.

mtn-logoThe invasion started this weekend with Topeak Ergon’s 34-year-old German racer, Wolfram Kurschat, beating all in his path to win the fourth round of the MTN National Mountain Bike Cup in Pietermaritzburg on Saturday.

Kurschat’s performance was even more impressive considering that he started in 11th place and managed to overtake world-class competitors, such as Burry Stander, Nino Schurter and Florian Vogel.

Spain’s Jose Hermida finished in second place, just one podium place ahead of South Africa’s Burry Stander. Current World Champion Christoph Sauser could only manage a tenth place finish after suffering two punctures – ouch!

Consider this event as a warm-up for the MTB World Cup this weekend. I’m not even going to ask if you have tickets already…because if you’re a true cycling fan, you’ll be there – no questions asked.

Bandaged Jack

Gee Atherton

Wow! The UCI Mountain Bike World Cup, presented by Shimano, from 10-12 April, is just getting better and better. It has now been confirmed that men’s downhill champion and current world #1, Gee Atherton will also be competing at this prestigious event.

The 24 year old Briton, Gee *his real name is George, but I’d also hide my real name if I was called that* is going to be competing for honours in rival, Greg Minnaar’s own backyard, Pietermaritzburg. And just to make sure he has an advantage, he will be bringing along his siblings, Rachel and Dan – who also happen to race for the Animal Commencal team – as his support.  

It’s like Greg Minnaar is going to be up against the Mario Bros…and now a sister too, I guess haha.

Guys and gals, seriously if you haven’t purchased tickets for the MTB World Cup, what are you waiting for? Wonka bars with golden tickets? Head on over to now to purchase tickets and find out general info about the event.

Marky Mark

ABSA Cape Epic Results

So another Cape Epic has come and gone, but what an event all in all. I think the 2009 ABSA Cape Epic has set new standards in MTB events. And just to think that after the fire in Cape Town, many of us thought the race would’ve been cancelled. Luckily, it didn’t and we were treated to some amazing displays of speed, power and endurance.


Below are the winners of each category:

In the men’s competitions, the Bulls team consisting of German riders, Karl Platt and Stefan Sahm, took top honours.

In the ladies’ competition, the ABSA Ladies team of Sharon Laws from England and our local lass Hanlie Booyens went home with the top gong.

In the master’s competition, the ABSA Masters team of Doug Brown (South Africa) and Bärti Bucher were the final winners.

In the mixed competition, the Adidas Big Tree team of Nico Pfitzenmaier from South Africa and Alison Sydor from Canada went home as champions of their category.

And in the Kodak moment of the year, the Bulls and teams, consisting of Burry Stander and Christoph Sauser, crossed the finish line at the same time, holding onto each other.

Please give a round of applause to all the winners *clap, clap*

For all the detailed results, please visit the official website at

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