BMW Bike

I’m not gonna lie; when I see a BMW M3 cut me off and then accelerate to near jet speed it does create a sense of awe, after the mandatory ‘sh*thead’ and ‘f**king roadhog’ slurs of course.

M3 Power!

M3 Power!

Unfortunately, I don’t own my own beemer because the holder of my soul i.e. the boss doesn’t like to pay us enough to enjoy the finer things in life, such as water, bread and fast German cars.

However, I did manage to find out the coolest thing yesterday. BMW also has a range of mountain bikes :D

BMW Bike

BMW Bike

This is straight from the official press release of the 2008 bike range:

In its own sector, the BMW Cross-Country Mountain Bike is the equivalent of the sports car. Technical innovations make this athletic racer even safer and more agile over land.

Oh wow! I’m really so amped to hit the cycle shop today and check out these babies! Now I can finally drive a BMW and be eco-friendly – yes, yes that did sound very tree-hugger of me. Must be the festive season…

Marky Mark

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