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Last week, Fred and I were blitzing around an epic trail when BAM! He hit a giant boulder and his bike was completely bent beyond recognition. This is a transcript of our conversation…

Me: Man, your bike looks completely totalled.

Fred: Oh yes, boet. This is easily a couple of grands worth of repair…

Me: Dude, I love mountain biking, but there is no way that I can afford to spend a couple of Gs every month fixing it – the bike and equipment itself is already two month’s salary for me. I gotta eat too, you know.

Fred:  Ag don’t worry man, you should get bike insurance like I have with *censored*

Me: Really? Is it worth it? Do they pay out?

Fred: For sure…this bike will be replaced in absolutely no time…

Unfortunately for Fred, he didn’t read the fine print on his forms. The insurance was only valid if the bike was stolen or smashed into – not a riding accident. Cost of repairs for Fred: R13 000.

However, another mate of ours, Basil, recommended that we check out MiWay bike insurance as these guys really seem to be on the ball. Fred gave them a call and they gave him an even better rate than *censored* and he said they were “lekker oaks too” (trust Fred to notice that when conducting business). Maybe, I’ll give them a call today on 0860 64 64 64 as well and insure my trusty two-wheeler…

Bandaged Jack

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  1. Thanks Paul, keep checking back for more insane blogging! Do you enjoy Days of our Mountain Bikes?

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