Auspicious Autumn

I was staring out the window yesterday and I came to this marvellous conclusion – autumn has to be the most beautiful season.

Watching the leaves fall to the ground and the melancholic sun in the sky is truly one of nature’s greatest achievements and creations.

I also believe that autumn is the best season to go cycle, because the temperature cools (not below freezing) and allows you to enjoy your experience, instead of gagging for the next sip of water or Energade.

I know Ricky will probably argue with me on this one and say that winter is actually the ideal cycling weather, but I don’t know – there’s something about autumn which just sparks me to life.

However, don’t even talk to me about spring! My hayfever goes through the roof and I spend more time spraying medicine up my nose than I do on my bike!

So why don’t you tell us, what is your favourite cycling season?

Bandaged Jack

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