Asthma on the track

Recently, US rider Katie Compton was hospitalised for an asthma attack after racing at the Alabama’s Bump ‘n Grind Cross-Country race.

Compton, who only uses her inhaler during training and not competitions, was forced to abandon the race on the third lap after experiencing breathing problems.

This piece of news caught my attention because I have also suffered from asthma since birth. It has varied in degrees throughout my life, but I still take my Flexotide inhaler daily.

Before I started mountain biking regularly, I consulted my doctor, who did a few tests on me to check if I was physically able to compete.

Once cleared, I got on the bike and began riding slowly to make sure I didn’t collapse on the side from a lack of oxygen.

I urge every single person who has asthma to go to their local physician before they start cycling. You don’t want to feel that tightness in the chest and shortness of breath on the track!

Also remember, that with MTB comes a lot of dirt and pollen, and many asthmatics suffer from severe allergies, and such things may evoke respiratory problems.

Do you suffer from asthma and still cycle? Tell us your story.

Wendy The Mom

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