Absalon Assault

Hey peeps, firstly, who watched Idols last night? Man, oh man, I’m so disappointed Jason didn’t win. My cellphone bill is going to be through the roof this month after I voted for him twenty times and he still didn’t win! Anyhow, congrats to Sasha-Lee.

Let’s get down to some MTB business now…

Julien Absalon from team Orbea took home his 18th World Cup victory in the elite men’s cross country event in Offenburg, Germany. Absalon’s third consecutive victory at Offenburg helped move him into the overall lead for the men’s competition and he has now broken Thomas Frischknecht’s record of 17 total World Cup wins.

South Africa’s own golden boy, Burry Stander, managed to finish in fourth place – clap, clap! Represent homeboy! Our local boys are really rocking the MTB scene. Every week, I’m seeing a South African in the top ten of an event. It’s really impressive!

Anyhow, let me get to work before my boss has a fit. Apparently, he’s allergic to the concept of workers having holidays and freedom…

Marky Mark

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