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Free sex, nude pictures, come see now

Now that I’ve got your undivided attention, let’s be honest, MTB blogs aren’t exactly as exciting as porn, even with the spandex – that is until now. While we can’t promise you X-rated dirty, we can still offer dirt. At this point I urge you to decide if you are interested in our offer. If you came here looking for Jenna Jameson or Lanny Barbie you might want to leave.

If you are still reading this, you are probably a true riding enthusiast (no pun intended), like us, in desperate need of a blog about nothing, well nothing through the eyes of cycling enthusiasts.  Meaningless anecdotes and experiences not worth mentioning as viewed from two-wheels put a spin on what it means to be an MTBer. Meet our contributors:

Ricky in Spandex: “Hi everyone! The cycling guru is in da howse! I’m to cycling what Snoopy is to rap, so stay tuned, boys and girls, for the Ricky attack!”

Wendy the mom: “This is so lame, it feels like a rehab centre. Hi, I’m Wendy, and I’m a mother. I’m married (somewhat happily to a certain Hugo – unless he’s reading this in which case we’re still on honeymoon after 7 years) with two boys. I’ll let you all know a lot about me later, but right now I have to fetch the boys from soccer practice and get to yoga.”

Marky Mark: “I’m quite new to cycling and have a terminal illness known as First Time Employment.  I’m also straight out of varsity, not Benoni.”

Bandaged Jack: “Among other things, I’m quite ambidextrous, like right now, I’m typing with my left hand because I broke my right arm in a… cycling accident. I’ll be back on the bike by this weekend. I’m sure I can strap my arm to the handlebars.”


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