A real interview with Sergio Pereira

MTB Shorts decided to finally conduct a REAL interview! We managed to get hold of up-and-coming writer and journalist Sergio Pereira and find out his views on MTB!

Mark: Hi Sergio, thank you so much for taking some time out to chat to MTB Shorts.
Sergio: It’s only a pleasure, Mark. Thanks for the opportunity.

Mark: So Sergio, how involved are you in the MTB scene?
Sergio: To tell the truth, I’m not an active cyclist or a full-time “cycling writer”, but I’ve actually done quite a few articles on MTB and it’s actually been very interesting. It’s completely different from your typical soccer, rugby and cricket articles – it’s more about fitness and strategy, than actual personalities.

Mark: Yes, that’s very true. MTB is a completely new ballgame. Have you ever been to an MTB event?
Sergio: Yes, I have. I’ve actually been to quite a few Northern Farm events and even managed to get lost on the course a couple of times haha.

Mark: Oh we’ve gotten lost there so many times! Tell us what have you been writing lately?
Sergio: I’ve completed a couple of articles for DESTINY MAN magazine, which I think is on sale today, and I’ve just finished an interview with an Australian band, HorrorWood Mannequins, for Music Review. Besides that, I’ve just finished writing my second book. I write way too much haha.

Mark: Thanks for your time, Sergio. How can our readers get hold of you, if they need some writing done or want to see some of your work?
Sergio: They can follow me on Twitter at www.twitter.com/scpereira and they can drop me a mail at skullandtones@hotmail.com. Once again, thanks for this opportunity and keep up with the entertaining MTB Shorts posts.  

Marky Mark

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