24-hour Southern Skies MTB Relay 2009

Yay! I’m going to Paris! Woot woot!

Err…oops, I read wrong, I’m actually going to Parys. Oh well, at least I’ll get some quality biltong and a shirt-tan there.

The 24-Hour Southern Skies MTB Relay 2009 is happening at the Ride Arena, Parys, Free State from 9-10 May, which makes it *um…I’m counting the days on my fingers* THIS WEEKEND!!!!

Here is the pricing for the event:

6-hour Solo race (R165), 12-hour Two-man team (R330), 24-hour team relay (R840).

I guess I better get my mom a beeeeg present since I’m not going to be around for Mother’s Day. I’m sorry mommy, I love you loads, but Mark really needs to go do the 7km laps to get in shape. I hope you understand and save me a piece of your delicious apple tart! Mmmm…food…good.

For further info on the event call 011 707 2700.

Marky Mark

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